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Technical pointers

Before setting out: choose the route of interest on the summary map, consider the degree of difficulty of the trail explained in the relevant entry, and decide which slopes and height differences suit your level of fitness.
In this regard, the proposed routes are colour-coded for difficulty, with green for easy and blue for intermediate.
Above, in the description of each route, next to the name, we have indicated the length of the route (round trip) and the average time calculated according, to the distance and height difference. Times also take into account stops for viewing historical sites, landscapes and natural features. Below, we find the starting point and destination, and GPS coordinates when required, as well as the type of path (circular or round trip), and ascending height difference.
Then we have T (for everyone) and E (hiker) classifications, according to CAI (Italian Alpine Club) scale of physical and technical difficulty, and the season recommended for the excursion. Some routes, although recommended for summer, have sections without vegetation, and this can be a problem in particularly hot and humid weather.
Before setting off, we should always check if and where we can find water along the trail, and it is a good idea to have our own water bottle.
Last but not least, we have included details of the closest tourist and visitor centres for contacting guides and escorts for group tours.
The text of each itinerary briefly describes the geographical reference area and points of interest close to the trail, as well as the stages of each route. The map for the route is to scale, oriented north, and in addition to place names and road system, includes tourism icons explained in the key at the end of the guide.
The height indications on the map show slopes in relation to distances, while the QR-code allows downloading of the GPX route track. This is accessed using a smartphone and outdoor app, and can also be viewed on Google maps, or using a GPS.
Some of the proposed routes require purchase of a ticket for entering an assisted trail, visitor centres, botanical gardens, etc..
The suggested trails are all accessible and any tickets or authorizations are bought or requested on site.
In these cases, rules are clearly displayed on information boards at the start of the route.
Hikers should dress appropriately, in layers suitable for the season and the itinerary: rain jacket, hat, sneakers or hiking boots, and a water bottle.
And be sure to bring binoculars and a camera.

Nature photography in Capo Pezza.

Consulting the GPS at Piani di Cascina.


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