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Unspoiled landscapes for all strides

Hiking is one of the best ways to discover or rediscover a territory because we can walk without rushing, relaxing in a natural, healthy environment. Moreover, hiking has a positive impact on all body functions, especially the cardiovascular system, which is why it is so popular today.
Thanks to its remarkable biodiversity and rich presence of natural landscapes, protected for decades, Abruzzo is particularly suited to this kind of activity. Ancient routes once used by shepherds (‘tratturi’), monks, hermits, and travellers, connecting historic and religious sites, can now be rediscovered by explorers and aficionados of all ages. The many protected areas, including parks and reserves, offer new routes and opportunities for learning about amazing Abruzzo.
The region’s mountains are characterized by dense woodlands, vast plains and peaceful valleys, sparsely populated and still free from the interference of the modern tourism industry. Here beats the heart of civilization and history, and we will gaze with wonder on the Medieval castles, Romanesque churches, and endless villages.
What could be better than a day spent in the open air? With family, children and friends, deep in the protected areas or in the shade of towering beeches, on marked trails, in picnic areas, by streams, waterfalls, lakes, habitats, botanical gardens, park visitor centres, and much more.
Here we have a series of 42 itineraries that are all dedicated to inland Abruzzo (EU directive).
Each trail will amaze and overwhelm with its multitude of emotions: a great opportunity to enrich the senses. The routes were also selected, described and documented thanks to the contribution of enthusiasts (guides, escorts, tour operators) and park authorities, who have made this guide a reality.
The numbering of the proposed routes goes from north to south, starting from the Gemelli Mountains in Gran Sasso National Park, with the Salinello gorges; the Laga Mountains in the eponymous park, with the Cento Cascate valley and Vomano hill ranges, and the Montegualtieri tower. Moving on, we find the Vestino-Pescara area, with the Lake Penne reserve; the Teramo and Aquila slopes of Gran Sasso with their castles, villages and towering peaks; the Aterno valley, with Peltuinum archaeological area; Sirente-Velino Regional Park with Val d’Arano, Piani di Pezza, and the Velino, as well as the Celano area. Travelling south we reach Majella National Park with its hermitages and abbeys; the Fara San Martino gorge, the Sant’Antonio woods, from the sanctuary of Ercole Curino at the foot of Mount Morrone, and the Pizzi Mountain area. Not to mention the River Tirino and the Pescara springs, the Mount Genzana reserve, the Sagittario valley with Lake Scanno. Even further south, in Val di Sangro we find Lake Pennadomo and ahead, in the Frentani range, Mount Pallano with the Italic area and the Cascate del Verde and Abetina di Rosello reserves; the woods of Castiglione Messer Marino; and Celenza sul Trigno.
In and around the Simbruini range, we find Mount Padiglione and the Zompo lo Schioppo reserve. Finally, we enter Abruzzo National Park, with the wildlife area of Villavallelonga; Castel Mancino in Pescasseroli; Val Fondillo; the Camosciara deer reserve; and Lake Barrea.

One of the Salinello waterfalls.

Lavino springs


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